We assemble aboveground vinyl liner pools from ANY retailer or manufacturer! You supply the above ground pool kit. We supply the block, sand, herbicide and labor.


1. Homeowner provides pool kit boxes at their home. We deliver boxes from retailers for $100.
2. Call 800.457.1622 to schedule installation day.
3. 4′ wide tractor or sod cutter will be used to remove grass & level site with transit.
4. We supply concrete blocks for under frame foundation.
5. Zapzit granular herbicide is applied to help prevent weed growth.
6. Sand is typically put down to insulate liner from sharp objects. Some customers purchase “better bottom”.
7. Pool installation crew assembles pool kit and filter system.
8. Pool will have a few inches of water inside when installation is complete.

Price sheet.

Tampa Pool Installation Agreement 2017