Vinyl Liner Change

We replace the vinyl liner on your above ground pool. Typically, we can have your aboveground vinyl pool changed within two weeks. Call 800.457.1622 for an appointment.

What’s the process?

The homeowner is responsible for all parts. We perform only the labor.

Step 1: What is your pool size? Measure your pool; or find your original aboveground pool purchase receipt.

Step 2: Buy vinyl liner. Often your skimmer and return jet may need to be replaced to at a small expense. Labor is included. Please have all parts at your house.

Step 3. Completely drain pool until it is “bone dry”.

Step 4. Inspect pool for erosion. It’s wise to purchase a few bags of sand from Home Depot or Lowes.

Step 5. Remove your ladder or steps from pool.

Step 6. Call us Tampa Pool for an appointment! 800.457.1622.